LOVE Essential Oil Roller Self Love Essential Oil Roller Bergamot Rose and Sandalwood Aromatherapy Oil Roller with Crystals for Love


Our LOVE essential oil roller is a mixture of affectionate oils and fractionated coconut oil. We add in dried flowers and crystals to enhance the power of the essential oils. The oils in LOVE are Bergamot, Rose, and Sandalwood. These 3 scents combine to bring about a feeling of love and devotion. All of our oils are 100% therapeutic grade essential oils and are safe on skin. Not only are the flower petals and crystals beautiful to look at in the glass tube, but their properties truly embody LOVE. The flowers infused into the bottle are dried rose petalsThe oil is infused with the power of Rose Quartz and Clear Quartz. Whether your intention is bringing about a loving relationship or creating a loving relationship with yourself, this is the oil for you!

Rose Quartz has many properties but for this intention oil we are specifically focusing on its power to instill unconditional love, whether for yourself or others, self love, and it promotes loving relationships The Clear Quartz also has many properties but at Aura Light Apothecary we use clear quartz in all of our products to amplify the crystal it is paired with.

This is an intention oil, but will work to bring love to you regardless of setting an intention. We recommend setting an intention to bring you into a space of affection and tenderness for yourself or a loved one.

Suggested Intention: I am using this oil to bring love into my life. I choose to love myself unconditionally.

All of our products at Aura Light Apothecary are based on feelings. It is so important to feel intentionally. When you put intention on how you want to feel you are able to control so many factors in your life.

We sage our workshop prior to creating products to combat any negative energy that would attach itself as well as set an intention for you as we pack your order.

Apply roller to the wrist at your pulse point. Set your intention as you glide the oil onto your skin. Apply as much as feels right for you. Rub wrists together. The first time you use your roller it might be a little stiff. Simply use fingers to roll the ball around until the oil starts gliding over it.

Fractionated coconut oil, essential oils, dried rose petals, tumbled rose quartz, and tumbled clear quartz.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to message our shop.

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We also offer intention candles in 4 sizes and vegan lip balm.

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The oil smells really good and I have been using a lot since it got it. I would buy more from this shop.

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