INFINITE Aromatherapy Oil Roller with Crystals Infused Oil Roller with Sea Moss Citrus Driftwood Ocean Jasper and Clear Quartz


Our INFINITE Aromatherapy oil roller is a mixture of beach and ocean inspired oils as well as botanicals and crystals. Oils are diluted with 100% fractionated coconut oil. The oils in Grounded are fragrance oils made from essential oils with notes of Sea Moss, Citrus, and Driftwood as well as notes of Sun Dried Linen. The scents cultivate the feeling of sitting on a beach with a freshly sun dried towel staring out into the ocean. INFINITE is the feeling this inspires INIFINITE power, INFINITE possibilities, and INFINITE energy. We are diving beings with no beginning and no end of our energy, very similar to the ocean. Our energy ebbs and flows just like the tide at the beach. The scent is perfect for helping you invigorate your INFINITE feeling. The oil is infused with dried sea moss, dried hibiscus flower, and dried orange slices. The oil is also infused with the crystal energy of Ocean Jasper and Clear Quartz. These scents, botanicals, and crystals truly embody the feeling of INFINITE.

Ocean Jasper has many properties but for this intention oil we are specifically focusing on the crystals ability to harness the healing power of the ocean. It allows for transformation and healing. It provides calming energy and fuels endless possibilities.
Clear Quartz has many properties as well, but for our products we use it to amplify the properties of the crystal it is paired with.

Suggested Intention: "This oil will help me harness infinite energy. It will allow me to feel powerful and know that there is no limit to what I can do."

All of our products at Aura Light Apothecary are based on feelings. It is so important to feel intentionally. When you put intention into how you want to feel you are able to control so many factors in your life.

Apply roller to the wrists at your pulse point. Set your intention as you glide the oil onto your skin. Apply as much as feels right for you. Rub wrists together. The first time you use your roller it might be a little stiff. Simply use fingers to roll the ball around until oil starts gliding over it.

Fractionated coconut oil, fragrance oils, dried sea moss, dried hibiscus flower, dried orange, ocean jasper, and clear quartz.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to message our shop.

We also offer intention candles, room sprays, and vegan lip balm.

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With Love and Light,
Aura Light Apothecary

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This is my 2nd order and I love the smell the feel I get wen it's on and the little gift!!! Thanks again!!! Highly recommend seller!!!!

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