Crystal Infused Candle *Confident* Candle with Carnelian and Clear Quartz | Tropical Intention Candle with Crystals


Confident is a juicy tropical scent with notes of Lemongrass, Pineapple, and Coconut. Subtle notes of Mango and Peach round out this fragrance to give a lovely tropical smoothie scent. The candle is infused with Carnelian as well as Lemongrass and a small slice of Pineapple. All of our intention products are inspired by feelings and the intention of inspiring those feelings. This scent inspires you to feel like you are wearing a beautiful bathing suit sipping a tropical smoothie on the beach, living your best life.

Carnelian Properties: enhances self-esteem and creativity, it helps to combat feelings of inadequacy. It also increases physical energy and motivation. We always pair all of our crystals with Clear Quartz to amplify the main crystal.

All candles are 100% Soy. All of our products are made with the intention to amplify the feeling they are named after. We sage our workshop everyday prior to making products to remove the negativity from the area and prevent it from getting into our products.

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With Love and Light
Aura Light Apothecary

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